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Maine Needham Festival


Celebrating the cultural and culinary tradition of the Maine Needham

Saturday, Sept. 28, 2024 | 10 am - 3 pm

at Maine Tasting Center in Wiscasset


If you know and love Maine Needhams,

this festival is for you! 

If you don't know what Maine Needhams are but

love Maine and celebrating her traditions,

this festival is for you!

If you love good food, good people, and good times,

this festival is for you!


What is a Maine Needham, anyway?


We're so glad you asked!

Also known as 'potato candy,' Needhams have a coconut and potato filling covered in dark chocolate (don't knock it 'til you've tried it - they're delicious!).

They've been around for about 150 years and are a beloved treat of  many Mainers. You can learn more about the history and tradition of the Maine Needham here.

In 2023, the Maine legislature officially designated the last Saturday in September of each year "Maine Needham Day." What better way to celebrate than with a festival?

Maine Needhams sitting on a bed of shredded coconut in front of a potato

This Year's Festival


Maine potato-themed

scavenger hunt

Potato sack races

Lawn games

Arts & craft stations


Needham-making demonstrations


Homemade Needham contest

Candymaker & craft vendor booths

Food trucks & live music

This year's festival will feature candymakers, craft vendors, food vendors and entertainers that share our love of Needhams and Maine!

Keep an eye on the vendor page for an up-to-date list of this year's festival participants!

Maine Tasting Center

506 Old Bath Rd, Wiscasset, ME

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